Loft conversions; Minimum headroom requirements.

loft conversion in Bucks

 Loft conversions; Minimum headroom requirements. Firstly, in this post, I want to explain the differences modern building construction has had on loft space. A Loft conversion minimum headroom requirements are 2.2 metres for a loft conversion in a property built before 1964. However, properties built after this date generally need a bit of extra headroom, often around 2.4 metres. The reason…

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Garage conversions Buckinghamshire

Garage conversions in Buckinghamshire do garage conversions in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. We create extra living space by converting your Garage quickly and cheaply into extra living space. email or call 07551756279. Allow me to explain why a Garage conversion is a wise investment. first of all, the superstructure is already there. You are not using up any more…

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How to convert Houses to HMO

How to convert Houses to HMO. Knowing where to start can be daunting.  in Buckinghamshire turning Houses into HMO quickly and cheaply. email; or call 07551756279 Don’t worry, very few people know all the answers, so I’m here to show you the way, in a simple to understand video. This video is filming me through every…

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