Build your extension now!

Planning consent is relaxed right now. Today you are allowed to build up to 8 meters single storey extension on a detached house under ‘permitted development rights.

So build your extension now while permitted development rights are favorable. are experts in extensions and loft conversions.  we are happy to quote on all works.

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currently semi-detached properties can build up to 6 meters.

This is a great time to re-model your home and bring new life  into it to cater for modern living.

It is also a great time to upgrade cabling and electrics and install fibre-optic cables. upgrade heating systems and replace old fashioned wall mounted central heating radiators with under floor heating and integrated wall heating.

Underfloor heating is efficient and eliminates cold spots and delivers a nice even temperature across the room. This is especially beneficial to elder people whom frequently complain of their feet and legs being cold. the floor is always warm to walk on and heat rises from the very base of the floor as opposed to wall mounted central heating where the heat rises from the radiator directly to the ceiling. It then spreads along the ceiling and takes a fair while to fill the room with warm air forcing the heat lower into the room.

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Integrated wall heating systems are ideal for use in bedrooms and especially older houses with solid external walls.

If you have cold walls you are losing heat energy through them. Battening the walls and covering with plasterboard is one option but you sacrifice space which in most houses you cant afford to lose.

Integrated wall heating systems are an ideal solution.

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