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Converting a loft space into a ‘HOME OFFICE’ is an ideal way to save on business overheads. It also gives you the opportunity to create a private quiet working environment away from family disturbances to focus on your professional life. The addition of a bespoke home office will also add extra value to your house as the demand from people looking to work from home is constantly on the increase contact our design team to discuss your home office idea and we will share our design experience with you to create the perfect home office environment.

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A Professional Workspace At Home

Over 4 million people now work from home in the UK so it is no surprise that the demand for home offices is on the rise. With commuting cots and time spiralling out of control, working from home is now seen as an obvious solution. More bosses now see a home office for workers as a big advantage to them as well since it means they do not need larger premises as the business grows.

Worker efficiency is massively improved by a well thought out and properly designed home office and many employers will help finance the design and build as well - it never hurts to ask.

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