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Loft conversions Beaconsfield. All you need to know.

Deciding on a loft conversion is one of the cheapest ways to add space to your home whilst adding significant value to your property.

Assuming you are looking for a builder to do the job, here are some questions you need answers to;

  1. Do i need planning permission? Answer; usually NO, except if you live in a conservation area or you live in a ‘listed’ property. you will also require planning consent if you want to extend your roofline to the front aspect, facing a road.
  2. Does my loft have enough headroom? You will require at least 2.2m of headroom in the centre highest point of the loft. If you dont have that!, its still possible by lowering the floor into the bedrooms below. However, this route is alot more expensive.
  3. Do i need professional drawings? YES, a set of drawings need to be sent to a building engineer whom can sign off on them. his job is to confirm the materials being used will be sufficient for load bearing calculations to pass building regulations. Also, a copy once approved, are required by the building contractor so he can buy the correct materials and build to those specifications.
  4. How much will it cost me? A Basic conversion to one room without changing the roofline costs around £15,000. we strengthen the floor, add a couple of skylights, fit a staircase and add some basic electrics.

A dormer conversion will cost £35,000- £45,000 whereby you can expect an ensuite shower room and a nice bedroom

Hip to gable conversions with dormer will cost £45,000+,> but this will give you maximum space and make the property aesthetically pleasing from the outside.

Loft conversions Buckinghamshire: The affordable solution to a bigger home.

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