Permitted Development

What do i need to do to build under permitted development

As builders we have been to quote on many jobs. When we turn up to meet the owners its surprising to find that the amount of people that have been online to find out that they can build 3 meter to 8 meter extensions without planning permission therefore expect us to start building immediately after just receiving a brief conversation and maybe a rough pencil sketch showing what they want us to build.

Well its not that straight forward. Although planning permission may not be required, the council still need to be informed. We have to send them a scaled drawing of what you propose to do, and they will still need to approve it. We then have to submit detailed drawings showing loading calculations and specifications along with building materials used so that;

A) Builders can work to these specifications;

B) An appointed Building control officer can check each stage of the build process against the drawing in compliance with building regulations.

This procedure covers the foundations, Block-work, Steels fitted, Roof, insulation, and glass-work.

The building control officer ultimately signs off the work as satisfactory which enables us to to apply for a lawful certificate of completion, which is passed to you and which you will need should you sell your property anytime in the future.

Party wall agreements may need to be obtained and agreed with your neighbour’s if you are building within 3 meters of their property. If you are not building up to the boundary or sharing a party wall with a neighbour it pays to have good communications with your neighbours.

We have been called to properties that are being sold and the sale process is halted because people have done extensions without going through the legal process. We have been asked to knocked holes in walls so a building inspector can ascertain whether the extension has the correct insulation installed. We have had to dig inspection holes to evaluate whether the foundations are adequate, and take out ceilings to establish insulation. It makes such a mess and destroys the decor which then has to be made good all at the owners expense. Even if everything is ok with the extension, the council will only issue a ‘Certificate of UNLAWFUL development. This in turn devalues the property and gives prospective buyers a reason to offer less for the property.

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