Stonework Restoration

Revitalizing stonework around your House

Dirty Stonework
Stonework In Need of urgent restoration

Property Space Solutions ltd can work on your stonework to restore it to its former glory. Our team of experienced professionals will assess and deliver a scope of work along with a timeframe to restore your stonework. This report will detail the current condition of your stonework along with recommended works required to restore the stone to its original condition.

Most stones used in the aesthetics of grand properties are porous and are therefore subjected to the elements that the British weather throws at them. Dust mixed with moisture and living microbic spores attack the stonework and impregnate its surfaces. If not maintained the spores work deeper into the stone and eat at its form as well as change its colour. You will find that general pressure washing doesn’t remove the dirt and the more water pressure you add will only serve to eradicate the stone’s surface.

The most common stone used in property construction is largely dependent upon the area where you live. In London, you will see a lot of ‘Portland stone’ whilst in the home counties you see more Bathstone, Sandstone, and Limestone.

Stone restoration
Revitalized stonework

Restoring the stone is a careful and gentle process in order not to erode the stone further. Once cleaned, we will seal it to help prevent dirt and spores from entering the stone and keep its gorgeous appearance.

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