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Single Storey Extensions

Planning Applications for single storey extensions.

If you're thinking about a single storey extension to your property you will most likely require planning consent. We deal with local authority planning departments on a regular basis and can guide you through the steps - or simply take care of the whole project for you.

The major point we do stress to people applying for planning consent is to present your application in the correct format. Planning officers look at hundreds of applications each week and have no time for a poorly presented application. It will be sent back or simply refused. Our advice is let the professionals handle it.

Professional drawings presented in the correct way makes the planning officers work easier and they are more likely to look favourably on your application. Let us see how we can help you through this process.

single storey extensions
single storey extension for house

Extension Specialists

A well designed house conversion will not only improve your lifestyle on a day to day basis but will also add value to your property. There are very few properties in the UK that  will not benefit from a conversion of one sort or another, be it a single storey extension or something larger.

Builders rarely spend as much time they should on the actual design and of course they have no idea of your individual family requirements unless you work with the architect at the drawing stage.

The answer of course is a house conversion now that suits your exact needs.

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