Add value to your home.

How to add value to your home.

Back in 2019 the world that changed overnight. Governments locking down nations then cities, the public were forced to spend vast amounts of time at home. Some realised their property wasn’t big enough to for work as well as leisure. Statistics told us with the growth of the ‘ZOOM’ media platform by 2,700% that year that business is being conducted from people’s dining table, bedroom desk, sofa and coffee table or kitchen. It may have been fun at first, not travelling to work with the odd little skive for a few minutes. But now people are thinking; is this here to stay?

As builders, let me share our observations, conversations with customers, and our view of the future.

Habits have changed

They say it takes 30 days to change a habit or create one. When they send people to rehab’ its a 30 day program to break a bad habit and create a new one. It takes 30 days in the gym to get into the habit that fitness training is something I do 3 or 4 times week for the rest of my life. It becomes the new normal.

When we were locked down for 4 months in the UK it has allowed us all to create new habits that are now part of our everyday life. Like ordering goods on Amazon, (up 77% 2020), buying cases of beer and bottles of prosecco to drink at home instead of going to the pub. Having friends round to entertain in your gardens. even Hot tub sales had shot up.

Large corporations are giving up office space and saving on rents or simply moving to smaller offices. On average they say 30% of staff can work from home. Great for business chiefs. lower overheads and less people suing them for burning themselves on the kettle etc. You might be thankful for still having a job, but the working environment has changed forever. How many ZOOM meetings are we on where we hear Kids screaming in the background causing a distraction. Now the working environment has become stressful from a different perspective, Home-life.

We have experienced a substantial increase in enquiries to build outbuildings and convert garages to offices. A place where you can work without unwanted interruption and keeps you sounding professional. These conversions and outbuildings now add significant value to your property and should you decide to move, this is a new high requirement on future buyers ‘must have’ list.

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Cost of Conversions and outbuildings.

Loft conversions cost typically £35,000 to £65,000

Brick built Outbuildings Typically £45,000 to£60,000

Garage conversions typically £12,000 to £25,000

The size and standard of specification plays a large role in the cost element. the money isn’t wasted, its just parked in your property and usually adds greater value to your Home in the South east

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