How much do Loft conversions cost?

If you are wondering how much it costs to do a loft conversion then you must first ask yourself exactly what you want to achieve from the loft space

Office space would be the cheapest option as it will likely only involve insulating, adding electrics and skylight windows.

The most common request however, is the conversion to a master bedroom and en-suite shower room. To do this type of conversion it will most likely involve a ‘Dormer’ section.

Over the last year wood prices escalated substantially. This had had a dramatic effect on the cost of loft conversions due to the large quantities of wood required to build it. Therefore when asking how much do loft conversions cost; loft conversions today start at around £35,000, with dormer conversions adding a further £30,000.

The first stages will involve erecting scaffolding. This alone can be anywhere from £900 to £10,000 depending on the size of the project.

Second, is making access holes in the roof in order to fit the steels into the loft space. The purpose of these is to hang the new floor joists from them.

How much do loft conversions cost?

Once the floor is in, we can install the first fix of electrics. This is the wiring for the rooms. We will also do the first fix plumbing if we are putting in a WC and shower.

Once the first fixes are in place we can start to insulate the loft area. Building regulations will generally insist on 150mm of PIR board insulation. This would be achieved by adding batons to the rafter beams to increase their depth, then we add 100mm of PIR board betweeen those rafters. We then add a further 50mm of PIR board which covers the 100mm board and the wood rafters completely.

The Next stage is to complete the windows which may include velux skylight windows and Dormer windows

HMO conversions and loft conversions
install windows

Once the windows are installed the loft area should be watertight.

The next stage is to install the plasterboard. Taping and jointing the edges will leave a professional finish ready for plastering/ skimming/painting.

Now we are working fully inside the property. The next step is to install the staircase

how much do loft conversions cost?
installing the staircase

The final stages of the conversion are to install the shower room, tiling and sanitary ware.

Install heating

fix skirting boards

Second fix electrics; Lights, sockets, switches.

Several skips will be used during the project to take away the rubbish from the site

Hopefully, explaining the different stages you will appreciate the amount of work and materials that goes into a loft conversion. You can now realize that builders are not getting rich, because now you can appreciate the costs involved.

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