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Spend the money wisely.

Just adding a couple of velux windows into the roofline and paneling out the loft space may be the cheapest way of converting your loft, but with the money you save today on the price of the conversion, does that affect the potential extra value you could have added to your Home? (return on your £)
In my experience having looked at all the lofts we converted and the subsequent value of the property post conversion, my mind is made up.

Lets say you turn your 3 bed semi into a 4 bed semi by adding a loft conversion.

You choose the cheapest conversion, the ‘Roof-light’. The vertical wall heights are low but hey, you got a double bed in it.

Best Loft conversions - loft conversion

loft Conversion

           loft conversions

When you come to sell your House, the Estate agent will tell you what you want to hear. That its a spacious 4 bed property over 3 floors etc and will appraise its value alongside other 4 bed properties in the area. They then convince the buyer its a 4 bed House. The chances are high that the buyer will require a mortgage to purchase it. The mortgage company insist on their own panel of RICS approved surveyors, one of whom will come to your home and give their opinion as to its value.

They will value it as a 3 bed house with a ‘loft space’ conversion. Yes adding value but not to the extent of a true 4 bed property.

The ‘Dormer’ and ‘Hip to Gable’ conversion.

Best Loft conversions - Dormer loft

Dormer Loft

Best Loft conversions - Hip to Gable

Hip to Gable

Dormer.                                               Hip to Gable

This type of conversion gives you a proper 4th bedroom generally with room for an en-suite which creates the new ‘Master bedroom’. This in turn gives you likely 2 further double bedrooms on the 1st floor and a single bedroom. RICS surveyors will look at this as a 4 bedroom house.

The ‘Mansard’ conversion.

Best Loft conversions - Mansard roof

Mansard roof

      Best loft conversions

effectively what you are doing is taking your current roof off and replacing it with another top floor giving more of a ‘Town House’ look to the property. The extra space created by both the front and back interior walls becoming vertical gives you the opportunity to create an awesome Bedroom with built in or walk-in wardrobe and an en-suite shower room. This would add serious value to your Home.

In my opinion, go for the best conversion you can afford. Don’t scrimp. Ask yourself this! Is it the Price I’m concerned with, or is it the cost?

Price is a one time thing. it hurts today but is soon forgotten. The cost is an ongoing thing. What it has cost you in re-sale value when you come to sell?

The extra money at the beginning (price) is not wasted, its invested into your home. The enjoyment you get from the bigger better conversion is an added benefit of the ‘real cost’. The real cost of adding a decent loft conversion nothing as it has added in value to your home way more than the ‘cost’ of the conversion.

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