Building Regulations drawings Buckinghamshire

If you are thinking of extending your home or converting the loft, you will need building regulations drawings

Everyone scribbles something down on a piece of paper then shows it to several builders in the hope of receiving a quote. Then expect the builder to produce the finished project within budget.

From a pencil drawing, all builders can give you is an estimate. you will have pictured a finish in your mind but builders don’t see the exact picture you see. They will interpret it their way.

If i can give you just piece of advice, that advice would be, pay for professional building regulations drawings. They are not as expensive as you may think, but from these drawings you will get a more accurate quote. More often than not, the architect will raise awareness to issues you may never have thought of.

One example recently, whilst working on a 3 metre single storey rear extension, the architect calculated the amount of roof trusses to be installed to satisfy building regulations. In doing so realised that the number of down lights proposed by the owners would not fit uniformly into the ceiling due to truss beams being in the way. The solution involved having 8 more down lights. This adds to the cost in lights, wiring, electrical loading calculations, etc. Therefore its better to know from the outset, so you can ensure you have the right amount of funding in place to complete the project.

The Most common request to a builder is; ‘Can you do it cheaper’.

The Answer is YES!  but don’t expect the same finish.

Can you do it cheaper

The picture above went viral on whatsapp. i love this! it says it all. Full credit to whoever produced it.

You will find that big price differences occur with size and quality of materials. with building regulations drawings, your architect will produce ‘load bearing calculations’. This in turn produces a specifications sheet informing the builder that he will require a certain thickness of wood to construct areas of the job which are taking loads. An example of which might be; the wight of the roof demands 10 inch thick floor joists to be placed into a loft conversion. Without this information, a builder would probably estimate a job based on 8 inch joists.

Hopefully you will now understand the value of building regulations drawings. We at property space solutions ltd work with a firm of Architects that seem to offer the most competitive prices we have seen.

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