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The cheapest loft conversions are created by converting the space within the current roof line and adding skylight Velux style windows.

I will simplfy the process as much as possible. Firstly, You will still require a set of drawings showing materials required to take the extra loading. This will show how the roof trusses will be adapted so they continue taking the weight of the existing roof. Also, the drawings will detail how a proper staircase is to be installed in order to access the loft space while maximising space efficiency. These drawings have to be submitted to the local authority building inspector. Then he can issue a build permit. The building inspector will also inspect the works at the critical stages. for this, he has to be booked well in advance. We are happy to help you with the correct procedures.

Usually, loft conversions will require steel beams to be inserted at each side along the length of the loft. These will support the new floor joists which will be installed across the width of the loft. They sit in metal brackets secured to the steel beams.

How to build loft conversions on a budget.

Next, will be the installation of a proper staircase to access the loft room.

cheap loft conversions on a budget - single storey extension for house

cheap loft conversions on a budget

This is the essential part and the building inspector will need to come in and inspect the installation. We recommend  engaging a professional company to do these works.

Loft conversions on a budget

Next, engage an electrician. He will add the power to the room and install the first fix materials. He will return for the second fix, plug sockets etc, after the plastering is completed.

The rest could be done by yourself (decoration).

you could also take on the tasks of laying sound insulation and floorboards. You can cut the celotax  Insulation board into the walls. Fix roofline plaster boarding. Painting, laying carpet and so on, should you feel confident enough.

Therefore, by doing as many of the works listed yourself, this could result in you converting your loft space for less than £10,000.

Tip; Do the best conversion for the property, rather than trying to do it on the lowest budget. The Result is, better the conversion, the more resale value you add to your property.

Also, if you add a dormer Window or create more space with a hip to Gable end. This enables you to have the extra space for an en-suite bathroom. This will add significant value to your home, as well as giving you more immediate benefits.

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