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Allow me to explain why a Garage conversion is a wise investment. first of all, the superstructure is already there. You are not using up any more garden space and its relatively cheap to convert.

Here are some tips to make your garage conversion exceptional; If you have a single garage to convert and you merely want a study or an extra bedroom, then the conversion is simple. However if you want to add more space, then consider opening up the internal wall and making the space more open plan.

  • Your questions answered;
  • How much will it cost?
  • Do I need Planning permission?
  • What is the process?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much value will it add to my property?


The first question to ask yourself is; What do I want the extra space for? So here are some ideas for the use of the space for your garage conversion.

  1. Moving the staircase over into the garage area to create a Grand entrance Hall.
  2. Making the kitchen bigger.
  3. Extra Bedroom.
  4. Home office.
  5. Kids media entertainment room.


How much does a simple garage conversion cost;     For garage conversions in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas, you could expect a professional Company to complete the works for around £9,000. However, if you are DIY minded, you could take on many of the jobs yourself. you engage the professional tradesmen for the brickwork, electrics and plumbing, therefore with minimal professional input, the job could be done for around £5,000+

Garage conversions Buckinghamshire

The process;   If the Garage is attached to your House, then its unlikely you will require planning permission. Planning is required if you live in a conservation area or you have restrictive covenants on your title,so heck your ‘title Deeds’.

You can contact your local council for confirmation of your personal situation. However, in all instances you will require a building permit from the local Authority. The purpose of this, is that a building inspector will periodically inspect the conversion to check that the works carried out meets current building regulations. (i.e. damp proofing, structural load bearing, insulation, fire retardantcy)

Upon completion of the works the building control officer will issue a ‘certificate of completion’. Make sure you retain this certificate. If you sell your House in the future, the buyer’s solicitor will ask to see this!

How long will it take?

allow around 4 weeks. it could take longer if you are incorporating shower rooms or kitchens due to the

plumbing works required.

Added value;    A single garage is approximately 14sqm. Properties in South Bucks and into west London range between £400sqft – £2,0000sqft. Therefore, a conversion is always money well spent.

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