House extensions, Amersham

4 Keys points to consider with house extensions in Amersham.

  • Amersham and surrounding areas have a ground base of mainly chalk and clay. The British Standard recommendation is a Foundation depth of 1m minimum. It is therefore recommended to have a drainage channel running around the base of the extension outer walls. This allows rainwater to  access the subsoil and keep it moist enough to stop it drying out too much therefore creating movement.


  • Be sure to make the extension useful and at the same time, enhances the value of the property. People no longer want small rooms. If you are going to add a 3m extension, consider taking out the current back wall to open up the property. Create a big living space that encompasses an open plan kitchen and entertainment room. This will maximise the usability of space and add the most value to your property.

single storey extensions

    Picture showing original back wall removed
  • Make sure you add Light to the property. No more small windows. consider the flow from the inside area to the outside area. This can be achieved by using the same colour tiles for the patio as for the interior. This creates the visual effect of much more floor space.

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  • The use of glass. you don’t want a glass roof conservatory effect as this creates extreme temperature differences throughout the seasons. Therefore a well insulated roof but glass rear creates maximum light whilst retaining energy efficiency. Glass products are very technical now and you will get what you pay for. If you shop for glass by price only, you will find your energy costs will be higher. Buy the very best you can afford. When it comes to sliding doors or bifold doors, buy once and buy right. The high price of a good quality door/window is a one time hit. buying cheap today will result in higher energy costs forever. the most efficient type of glass is Low emissivity or Low-E. The secondary (internal pane) is coated with a metal oxide. The purpose of this is to allow light and heat from the sun into the room, but restricts the amount of heat exiting the room as is reflected back in. The metal oxide is invisible to the naked eye.

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