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Houses have evolved over recent years and new build developers are designing houses with open plan living and larger bedrooms. Nobody wants ‘Box rooms’ anymore. Separate dining rooms are considered old fashioned, unless you live in a Mansion and small enclosed kitchens are definitely out of fashion.

More people are re-modelling their property to open up the rooms to create sociable living space which encompasses the whole family’s activities. Whatever your ideas are for remodeling your home, firstly look at how you can open up the space. Second, look at how you can add more light. Both these pointers will no doubt involve taking out walls, therefore you will need to know whether the wall you wish to remove is a supporting wall. This is where you would be best advised to contact a local building engineer to advise you on what needs to be done. they often work with partners whom can produce scale drawings complete with load calculations which in turn can be passed to builders for costing the works.

Picture knocking out walls

removing a chimney breast

We have an in-house team which can advise you. contact gary@propertyspacesolutions.co.uk to find out more.

Do I have to move out?

Usually no, unless the works are so extensive it would remain safe to stay. Often we can section off a portion of the house and create a temporary kitchen if needed to save you having to move out.

Picture removing a stud wall

taking out a wall between a box room and double bedroom to make a big studio flat

Its not possible to give a standard cost for this type of works as each job we have done has been so different from another. We can however come and see the property, look at the works involved and deliver  you a price.

Before you start knocking out walls in your home, call the experts;

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