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How to do a standard Loft conversion without changing the roof line.

This House in Virginia water is undergoing a standard loft conversion.

The owner is looking to add more space and at the same time create more value.

You will see from modern house building designs, that box bedrooms are now considered old fashioned and undesirable because their function is limited.  Property investors shy away from them because the box room is often less than 6 square metres. This means they cannot be rented as a bedroom in a ‘House of multiple occupancy’. Therefore, by opening up these rooms and using part of the space for the staircase, it creates the appearance of a more spacious House.

Creating the staircase.

In the photo’s above, we took out the box bedroom and we are building a designer staircase with a display area for fine Art

Loft conversions. Creating the room.

In this particular loft conversion, we are creating an office with a library section.

Loft Conversion insulation.

We insert the 100mm insulation board between the rafters. Then we completely cover the ceiling and rafters in 25mm insulation board. On top of this, we secure the drywall plasterboard ready for skimming.

The ‘Rockwool’ insulation  is placed between the floor joists to assist in deadening the sound. A thin rubber matting is placed under the floor boarding so sound is not passed directly through the floor joists to the rooms below.

Perlin braces are secured along the length of the loft to support the roof trusses. These perlins are boarded from behind and the space between the each perlin is filled with 100mm insulation board. Plasterboard is then placed over the front section creating a wall and skimmed. Doors can be made at various intervals to access the void space which makes an ideal space for storage use.

How to do a standard Loft conversion. We are experts in this area and would be happy to give you a free quote. Call us today on 07551756279. email;

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