Loft Conversions Cost.

HMO conversions and loft conversions

How Much Do loft conversions cost?

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First, When lookin at loft conversions cost, ask yourself these 5 questions;

  1. What type of House is it? (terraced, Semi detached, Detached).
  2. How old? (Pre 1965 or Post 1965).
  3. How much headroom? (standing on beam to centre apex).
  4. Does the loft house a  chimney stack, water tank, (which would need to be moved).
  5. Is the property a listed building or in a conservation area?

The cheapest loft conversion is usually in a pre 1965 property with at least 2.2m of clear headroom.

converting the loft space without changing the roof line, adding velux style windows and creating one large room, without adding en-suite shower rooms will be the cheapest option. This type of loft conversion can be done for a little as £8000.

The major costs arise when you change the roof line and add plumbing.

  • Dormer windows.
  • Hip to gable end.
  • Mansard roof.
  • En-suite Bathroom.

Loft Conversions Cost.

The staircase is another consideration that could add significantly to your cost. your architect may need to be creative to fit the staircase to serve the loft conversion which could involve reshaping a bedroom on the 1st floor.

The standard of fit-out (second fixings) from tiles to door handles, lighting, to power sockets can significantly impact  the total spend.

Typically a 3 bed semi detached  having a dormer roof to rear, adding a master bedroom with en-suite shower room with standard fit-out will be in the region of £25,000.

With this in mind, if you are creating another double bedroom in a property for less than £40,000 then its considered a sound investment as it will add more than that to the value of your home.

Loft conversions Cost. In Buck’s, Berk’s, Hert’s. can help you.

Note; Planning permission permitted development is currently lenient, but the rules are scheduled to change in May 2019 to the pre- 2013 permitted development limits. All works must be finished and signed off by the council prior to this deadline.

Now! is the best time to extend your home or convert your loft.

Loft Conversions Cost.


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