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Loft conversions – what you need to know.

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  • Can your property take the weight?
  • Does my loft have enough height?
  • What fire regulations do I need to abide by?
  • Do I need Planning permission?
  • What Building permits do I need?
  • Skip permit. Do I need one?
  • Do I need to strengthen the floor?

For Loft conversions, Property space solutions Ltd offer the expertise to convert your loft into a usable household space. loft conversions – what you need to know.

  • Will the property take the weight?

The building inspector will want to see the footings, so dig a small hole to expose the foundations first.
The building inspector will then make a decision as to whether the property foundations need to be strengthened (underpinned). If It does, it will affect the overall cost of the project.

Loft conversions – what you need to know.

The Windows need to be added, therefore the ‘Roof rafters’ are doubled up, then cross beams need to be fitted at the top of the window. New floor joists have to be installed, which means the extra load (weight) is quite significant.
Dormers need supporting at the apex (ridge point). A ridge beam is installed under the apex to carry the loadings of the ridge beams of the dormer. So now you can see, Its not just the weight of a person that has to be factored in.

  • Is there enough headroom in the loft?
    You will require at least 2.2m from top of floor joist to bottom of the central pitch beam.
    Install the vertical supports before cutting away the roof braces.
  • Strengthening the floor
    The floor will certainly have to be strengthened. Floor joists are 200mm-225mm thick and raised slightly above old ceiling joists so weight doesn’t make contact with them.
    The staircase is usually the trickiest to install and will need the Architect to precision measure the areas where a Staircase could go. Ideally it will follow up above the current staircase, but mindful of the fact that it must enter the loft in an area with ample headroom, in a practical place that doesn’t spoil the room being created in the loft space.
  • Fire safety
    The conversion will require lining with 30-minute fire-board, a Fire door and a hars wired Smoke detector.
  • Insulation
    Use a high-density foam board between the roof rafters before fitting the plasterboard. Same can be used for the upright section between the asherlings.
    Soundproof the floor with some mineral fibre quilt.
  • Documents and permits
    Architect drawings.
    Party wall agreement.
Loft conversions;  what you need to know.

Planning permission can take 2-3 months.

Building regulation approval.  The Building control dept approval can take 6 weeks. their role is to check load bearing calculations and materials to be used.

You will require a skip permit from local authority highways department will need to be obtained if the skip is to be placed on a public highway.

You should Serve a statutory commencement notice in accordance with regulation 14 of the building regulations 1985 amended 1994.
Your Building completion certificate is  issued by the building inspector when the project is finished. This is an important document to keep should you decide to sell your property in the future.

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