Permitted development extensions

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whether you are thinking of improving your Home, extending or converting the loft space, Property space Solutions can assist you through the technicalities of Permitted development extensions 

Permitted development extensions

Permitted development extensions


The Government has just announced that,  permitted development extension rules will remain as current until further notice.

With this in mind, then there is no time to procrastinate if you are thinking of extending your home.

We have outlined some facts and tips to assist you in making your decision on whether to extend your Home.

The Government relaxed planning rules to boost the economy in the building sector and cut through red tape to speed up improving your Home by allowing certain types of building works to take place without planning permission under what is called ‘permitted development.


key points of interest for most homeowners improving their Home, which falls under ‘permitted development’ are;

Loft conversions; provided you are not changing the shape of the roof. You can create living space by up to 50m³ in a detached house, or by 40m³ within semi detached or terraced Houses.

Extending the rear of the rear of the property;

2 storey extensions can protrude by up to 3m from the original rear wall.

single storey extensions can protrude by up to 8m on Detached Houses.

6m on semi detached houses.

4m on Terraced Houses.

Permitted development extensions.

There are a few proviso’s to these rules.

  • Firstly, Single storey; If your extension comes within 2m of a boundary the height of the eaves cannot be more than 3m. If you are more than 2m away the permitted development allows 4m height.
  • Double storey; the extension must be at least 7m from the rear boundary of your property.
  • extensions on the side of the property cannot be more than half the width of your existing property and can be no more than 4m to the eaves.
  • Also important to note; Extensions cannot take up more than 50% of the available land surrounding your House.
  • Permitted development extensions cover all extensions to the property from 1948 and include extension works from previous owners. Permitted development rules are not to mean, since ‘you bought the House’.
  • The pitch angle of the roof of the extension must be the same as the main House or be a flat roof.

Finally, More in-depth information can be found on the Government website;

Rough calculation of current building costs are;
• Basic quality build£1,000m3 – £1,500m3.
• Standard quality build £1,600m3 – £2,000m3.
• Top quality build £2,100m3 – £3,000m3.

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