converting a House to an HMO

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Knowing where to start can be daunting.

Becoming an HMO landlord isn’t easy, but don’t worry, very few people know all the answers, so I’m here to show you the way. In my simple to understand video, which is filming me at every stage of a live HMO conversion. You will see every stage of converting a normal house, which was previously rented to tenants for just £600pcm. Transform into a fully operational House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) now generating £1,950pcm.

Get access to this video, detailing everything you need to know for only £99.

I’ll explain;

  • How I dealt with the council for planning permission change of use.
  • you will see how I dealt with the Environmental officer.
  • How I dealt with neighbours.
  • you will learn how I project-managed the conversion and organised tradesmen.
  • How to budget the project and stick to it.
  • The best way to set up an HMO.
  • How I tenanted the rooms.
  • You find out how I have the property managed.
  • I’ll show you the legal requirements and all the documents required.

Becoming an HMO landlord

Get access to this crucial information NOW!  and save £Thousands by doing it right first time.

Click here to get access to ‘HOW TO CONVERT A PROPERTY INTO AN HMO’

Purchase now and get access to my personal contact email. I will be an advice line for you, so you can ask me any questions you have relating to your own personal project. I’m also available to help you find the ideal property to convert into an HMO.

Many property professionals are currently charging up to £750 for a weekend course to stand in a room and teach you the basics. My video however, will show you an actual HMO conversion. will see the project from start to finish and you can replay it to refresh your memory, all for just £99.

I will show you all the paperwork and documents I acquired, From fire certification, electrical certification, through to full planning consent and obtaining the HMO license.

Click here to get access to ‘HOW TO CONVERT A PROPERTY INTO AN HMO’

If you have difficulties accessing the information please contact me 

or call 07551756279

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